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Many TESOL program exist in the world, but how many of these programs can truthfully claim they are written and overseen by academics with years of experience in higher education and English teaching? This is where American TESOL Academy is different! Our program is written by teachers and administrators with decades of combined experience in education. In addition, we consult with schools to understand what is needed to be successful in the classroom.

Our goal is to get you qualified and do it as quickly as possible with our straight-forward curriculum that is easy to understand. Teaching is not rocket-science, so the training does not need to be either. As long as you have patience, compassion for others, and a passion to learn, you can be successful!

We have online options too! This means you don’t need to quit your current job to prepare for a move to a new career.  In fact, our most committed students have become certified in less than a few short weeks.

Upon certification, you now have the skill set and requirements to be hired in many parts of the world. Perhaps you would love to see South America? Maybe you have ambition to help those in need in Africa? Or perhaps you would love to experience the rich culture of Asia? Many of our students use our certification to find work and travel. In addition, our students often make enough to travel and save money for other necessities back home. However, many of our students end up falling in love with the places they work and stay for extended periods or permanently choose to live there. The choice is yours. Enroll today and live your dream of travel and helping others learn English.


CEO/President: Roy Virgen Jr., PhD (Candidate 2020), MBA, BS, AA

Director of Education: Dr. Michael Kahler, Ed.D, MA, BA

Chief Technology Officer: Armando Yepes, JD, MBA, BA

Office Administrator: Huyen Ngoc Le, B.Fin

Records Specialist: Erik Castillo, AA

Records Clerk: Minh Tran

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